"ME vS. ME Facetime Series
Are you Ready to Unlock Your Full Potential?

Welcome to a transformative journey where you'll discover the power within you to conquer your biggest obstacles and achieve your dreams. Are you ready to embrace a mindset that propels you toward success, regardless of your past or current circumstances? Then "Me vs Me: Master Your Mindset" is the series for you. "Me vs Me: Master Your Mindset" is not just a series; it's your personal journey of transformation. 

Over 30 days, you'll gain practical tools to conquer self-limiting beliefs, set clear goals, boost your confidence, overcome fears and cultivate a growth mindset. Plus, you'll develop resilience and learn to bounce back from setbacks while embracing imperfection.


Once I realized that the biggest obstacle in my path was me, everything changed. My dad wasn't around, and my mom relied on Section 8 support. Heck, we couldn't even answer the phone sometimes to dodge bill collectors. Designer clothes? Luxury living? Nah, that wasn't my reality. But deep down, I knew my circumstances didn't define me; it was a battle of me against myself. It was never about my circumstances; it was always about my determination to reach for more.

Limited Offer: I will walk you through step by step how to squeeze every drop of potential out of life!


  • 10 FACETIME CALLS W/ ME: I will reveal my process of Me vs Me and provide you with the foundation you need to reach your full potential. 
  • 7 Actionable PDF Worksheets: I plan to hold you accountable for your progress with multiple worksheets to help you through this journey.  
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs: Uncover the tools and strategies needed to dismantle the barriers of doubt and fear, empowering you to break free from self-imposed limitations and reach new heights in your personal and professional life.
  • ​Set clear, achievable goals: Show you how to navigate the process of goal setting with precision, as we work together to define crystal-clear objectives and provide you with the roadmap to turn your aspirations into achievable milestones.
  • ​Create a personal success plan: Help you craft a personalized success plan tailored to your unique goals, providing you with actionable steps and a strategic roadmap to turn aspirations into tangible, fulfilling achievements.
  • ​Cultivate a growth mindset: Provide tools to help you nurture a mindset that thrives on continuous improvement and resilience, fostering adaptability and a positive perspective that propels you forward in the face of setbacks and challenges.
  • ​Plus exclusive bonuses and extras!! 


My unshakeable confidence might come off as arrogance at times, but it's really a promise I made to myself—never to settle for less again. Many folks don't realize that the power to change lies within them. Your past trauma doesn't define you, your situation doesn't define you; Your past scars? They don't define you. Your current situation? It doesn't dictate your future. It's the choices you make that ultimately shape your life.